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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $1,500.00
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Welcome to my website. I am a plein air painter living in Jackson, Mississippi.I began painting in about 2005 when I took an enrichment course at a local university. It was still life painting from life. Since then, I have always wanted to paint from direct observation as opposed to painting from photos. In 2008, I studied still life painting under Bob Tompkins in Madison, Mississippi. He emphasized the basics of light and dark, warm and cool, bright and dull and thick and thin, which is the foundation for everything I paint today.In 2009, I wanted to paint the landscape on location, so I bought a cheap wooden box, converted into a pochade paint box, mounted it to a tripod and began painting. I didn't have much luck with painting, but the box worked great and I still use it.I studied a book by Frank Serrano (a great California artist) about painting on location and began to make progress.In 2010, I took a three day plein air workshop from Nashville artist Roger Dale Brown. His instruction in the methods of observation, composition and aerial perspective were invaluable to me.In 2014, I traveled to Italy with Mississippi artist Jerrod Partridge and a group of painters. Jerrod and I have become very good friends and paint together as much as possible. Jerrod is a great artist and teacher. I am continually learning from him and constantly questioning him about art, painting, the art business and life.After working with Bob Tompkins my passion has been painting light and the effect it has on objects. I try to paint what I see in front of me and not what I know about the subject. I paint outside as often as I can, and sometimes I have a painting I'm proud of but many more times [...]

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