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I do not beleive that I , myself have much talent as far as being an artist/painter. With that said it is the love of art, the love of nature and the pursuit of being involved in both, mixed with hard work that has enabled me to produce any paintings worth a second glance!!


A. Thomas (Tom) Wezwick is 63 years old and lives just outside Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Originally from New York, he has lived and painted all over the world, but primarily in the SouthWest United States, for the last 35+ years.
Thomas received formal art training at Adelphi University and Utah Technical College, but has principally developed his style being a “plein aire” painter (on location outdoors).  He feels that this is the only way to truly capture the energy, feeling, and beauty of a landscape.  “Creating a piece of artwork on location is a process of becoming involved with nature.  It’s very intimate—not many people take the time to study one place for that long.  You would be surprised at how much you see after a while.”
Tom’s own personal style can be described as “painterly”, leaning towards the style of his ancestors, the Russian impressionists.  He usually works in oil on linen and is particularly interested in the quality of light and mood working in his paintings.
Tom spends much of his time outdoors.  In addition to painting, he is an accomplished rock climber, kayaker, and skier.
Tom has work on display at Weem's Gallery, located on Montgomery, in Albuquerque, and the WarDancer Gallery in Las Vegas, New Mexico.    Thomas is also a signature member of Plein Aire Painters of New Mexico............P.A.P.N.M                     
Artists Statement--  I would like to make a few statements about my painting, on the direction of my painting etc. ...When I now paint, I really want to say more than, "Here is a pretty scene!!!"  
...I would like the viewer to be impacted from across the room, however, as they get closer to my work, they can enjoy the paint--Big, sometimes sweeping, brushstrokes--looking as if they [...]

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