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As an artist, I strive to breathe life into each work. I feel that while I'm working
it's important that I feel the magic, the magic of how the color works,
the magic of the composition and juxtaposition of the content.
When I finish a work, not only do I want to be happy with it but hope
others will see the magic in the art of my creation.
I'm a kid at heart, and from that standpoint I'm just having fun!
I'm that kid that wants to play with creating something from nothing or everything.
For the most part I'm self-taught, and have learned from art teachers, artists I've known,
classes and certainly studied masters of the past and present.
I have participated in art shows as well as having done works on commission.
There are always surprises when I am painting. Sometimes it's that WOW moment
and then my focus is more intense but always fun!


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