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Thomas Matyas is an award-winning painter born in 1969 in Buffalo New York, where he now lives and works.
After receiving his degree in art history from Canisius College, his main creative pursuit was music composition until he began painting again in 2014, inspired by memories of the industrial landscapes of the North Buffalo neighborhood where he was raised.
Thomas is an Exhibiting Member of the Buffalo Society of Artists, and shows his work frequently in Western New York. 
Artist Statement:
Visual art became possible for me only when I decided to work the way a composer works. As a composer might take inspiration from a small motif and develop it into a larger musical structure, I begin each painting with a single, striking shape and carefully grow the work from it.
Inversion, retrograde, repetition: the tools by which I unfold these simple forms into something more complex. Though one might expect the results of such a process to be full of movement and improvisational freedom, my recent paintings depict a place where time stands still.
The images that attract me are industrial, geometric, and architectural, yet through the medium of oil paint, with its warmth and organic glow, I hope to give them a strange kind of life. 

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