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ABOUT MeIt was around 1970 at the age of 10 when I began drawing cartoon characters and people I saw on TV. I sketched the characters in the Watergate hearings as they were televised live at that time. I was encouraged when people recognized my renditions and complimented me. In some ways you could say Richard Nixon got me started in art.I was born in a small industrial town in western NJ. The architecture of the old factories and mills is still vivid in my mind?s eye. The way that buildings and other man made elements of the environment collage together to make the fabric of a city or town appeals to me. I try to tell that story in my paintings.I have a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and went on to earn a Masters of Architecture. After a few years working as an architect, I began painting the subjects of the built environment. Thomas BUCCI has been living in Washington DC and working full time as a professional artist since 1996. ?It is a green city with lots of parks and low building heights. You can see the sky. I like the sky in my paintings!ABOUT My WorkWatercolor is suited to certain personality types. If you want absolute control over your work, watercolor is not for you. It?s possible to have a lot of control with watercolor, but that involves very slow and painstaking care. I choose watercolor for its quick gestural quality and spontaneity. You have to be willing to take risks to fully enjoy the potential of watercolor. I like to work from life and on location, drawing inspiration directly from a subject. However what I see in front of me is only a suggestion and can be manipulated at will . A painting is not bound [...]

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