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 Thomas Archer was born in Huntington Beach California in 1956 to Henry and Gladys Archer his father was known in the small surf town (at the time) as a good police officer and very talented artist and photographer. Having won several first place and other awards from the Seal Beach art league,Huntington Beach art league and Laguna Beach art league and so on. This made an impression on young Thomas which has lasted all of his life and even today his respect for his fathers talent lasts. 
  Thomas has always drawn as if he where born with a pencil in his hand he would often rather doodle on his notebook at school than study. Which caused his mother to always prod him to study to do his homework and all the other things that are important to people who find practical purposes in life. In other words his mother was worried her child would become the starving artist so depicted in so many movies and stories never achieving anything much in life.
 After high school Thomas joined the Air Force were he served as a firefighter on a crash crew. After his discharge from the service he went to school at the College of the Desert in Rancho Mirage California where he studied fine arts then he went on to Chaffie College in Rancho Cucamonga where he took illustration classes. 
 After moving to Twin Falls Idaho Thomas join the Twin Falls Art Guild and the Magic Valley Art Council where he has participated in Art and Soul, Art in the Park and Thousand Spring art show for last  seven years.

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