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I'm Theresa Williams, an oil painter most interested in landscape. I love being outside surrounded by huge vistas and wide-open countryside. My paintings express and share the solace I see and feel in these spaces. 
My commute to Calgary from Carstairs, Alberta, and my job working outside through all kinds of weather, provide me the opportunity to see and experience prairie light and landscape daily. I often stop and paint or photograph during my commute and I love to explore the many highways and back roads of southern Alberta and the British Columbia interior.
I was born in Calgary in the very early 1960s when my parents were considering relocating from their BC ranch to an Alberta ranch. We returned to the BC interior after a couple years and I grew up at Canoe Creek on the younger end of an eight-child family. We lived 50 miles from the nearest town and 40 of those miles were poorly maintained gravel roads. Our schooling was through BC Correspondence, a distant education service, and mom was our teacher. Canoe Creek is a narrow valley and lacked TV reception. Our ranch ran a diesel generator, so we enjoyed modern amenities such as lights and domestic appliances. After school and chores, mom would send us outside. She was distracted by the older teenagers and as long as we avoided getting hurt, her only other rule was that we stay in sight of the house. Of course we applied our wild imaginations and determined we could see the house from far far away: we lived in a huge old two-story home that had once been a stopping house on the old wagon road and I estimate our 'backyard' was at least 2 square miles. Trips to town for shopping or visits to the doctor or dentist meant driving for [...]

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