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Theresa Williams, a self-taught Canadian landscape artist, lives and paints in South Central Alberta. She was born in Calgary, raised on a remote ranch in the Interior of British Columbia, attended Emily Carr College of Art, and graduated from the University of British Columbia. Her work is influenced by large amounts of time spent outside in the mountains and hills, along the creeks and rivers, on the prairies and coulees, and atop the plateaus of Western Canada. Theresa’s paintings have shown in Alberta and British Columbia and are collected nationally and internationally. 
Inspired by vistas and large, lonely landscapes, Theresa Williams interprets these views with oils and occasionally acrylics. Her paintings are loose and literal translations of place and time as seen through a lens of memory and emotion. Theresa paints a large variety of sizes on both stretched canvas and canvas and wood panels, and is known for her plein air painting, steering wheel easel, limited color palette and bold, expressive, mark-making. She has spent decades driving in rural Alberta and British Columbia and that view through the windshield often shows up in her work: foregrounds take a back seat to the middle and far away grounds, and weather elements are common.
Theresa can not remember living in Alberta as a young child but distinctly recalls how familiar the landscape and skies felt when she moved back. Short trips for photographing or a quick plein air painting, and longer camping trips or travels about Alberta and into British Columbia provide endless discovery and ideas for new paintings.
“Looking out at the land from my front seat is such a familiar point of view. Taking that perspective and playing with the image through composition and design while translating it directly onto a canvas or panel can feel magical. I look forward to sharing these [...]

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