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Meandering down backroads, through wooded trails or wading on the beach, the hunt for subjects that trigger an emotional response which compels me to pick up the brush is part of the creative process. Nature has always inspired me: streams of sunlight, fluttering wings, sparkling reflections, a rising moon. Whether painting on location or in the studio, the experience of knowing the subject personally keeps me emotionally attached to my work. Each bare canvas is a new challenge. Before picking up a brush, visualizing an image of the finished painting, I ask lots of questions. What inspired me about the subject? Was it the lighting, color, mood or a story it’s telling? How can the composition be improved? What size canvas does it belong on? It’s solving the puzzle that keeps me coming back to the easel. Using a limited palette of 6 or 7 colors, plus white, keeps harmony flowing throughout a piece. After loosely sketching the composition on the canvas, I apply the first paint in thin layers, blocking in color over the entire surface using a wet-in-wet technique. Consecutive layers gradually get thicker, until those final crescendo strokes tell me it’s finished. It’s a magical feeling to capture the essence of a 3 dimensional subject on a 2 dimensional surface. My realistic approach to painting has a touch of impressionism and a softness that presents a gentler view of the world, which, in our hurried and stressed lives, we seldom stop to enjoy. But I see the world with a painter’s eye, always searching for those special moments to explore and share using my brushes and a few tubes of paint. Follow this link to read full biography
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