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I endeavor to create Pastel Paintings that speak to the heart.  Art that is worth taking the time to look at, to be present with, to absorb, to be in the moment with, this is art that encourages us to appreciate the goodness of life.
I want people to BREATHE when they view my work.  Whether they find it interesting, inspiring, life affirming, or beautiful, I want people to feel that it is okay to just take a breath, to rest in the space.  Our world is so chaotic, so full of information, so clamorous.  I want my paintings to inspire inner peace, a knowing that God loves us, that he has made a beautiful world for us to enjoy.  My greatest hope is that people will take the opportunity to reflect and be grateful. 
If you are breathing, then you’re alive.  And LIFE is something to be grateful for!!


Born and raised in the mountains of Montana, Theresa was always making something.  Her parents supported her creativity and encouraged her to draw and paint, but being a professional artist was just not a practical goal. 
In her college years, Theresa planned to be a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Using a small inheritance, she spent her freshman year at Trinity Bible College in Illinois (truthfully, she was hoping for an “MRS Degree” which did not materialize).   She thought she would marry a Pastor, have 5 kids, and work together with her husband to tell people in remote regions of the world about Jesus.  But things don’t always happen the way we plan, do they? 
She finished her studies at the University of Montana where she obtained her degree in English with a Linguistics emphasis in 1997.  (While at the U of M, she took a very impractical Basic Drawing course which she enjoyed thoroughly!!) 
Theresa met Andy in 2002 (finally!!) and married him 122 days later.   (When you know, you know!)   One Short term mission trip for Andy, then age and the necessities of life and work crept in.  They moved from Montana to Indiana in 2004, then to Northern Kentucky in 2008.  Only after the Global Corona Virus Pandemic struck and Theresa was laid off from her full-time job did she determine to get serious about making a living with her artwork.   She took a few local art classes (masked and socially-distanced, of course) and is loving this new life adventure.
Currently focusing on Soft Pastel painting, Theresa is just getting started.   Thank you for your interest and for supporting her work.
If you have any questions or would like information about a possible commissioned piece, please contact Theresa via the Contact page.

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