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We all got hurt
Partners: the forgotten one of the 'Injured Pair'
Family and Friends: distressed by our loved one's difficulties 
We Injured ones: confused, bewildered, powerless and frightened
We all need help
But not the same kind of help and not all at once. Our individual 'moments of need' evolve over time along with our changing situations and circumstances. So to must the help we receive and so to must the help we give
We all  want to help but how?
None of us planned it and no one is prepared for it
This resource-in-progress is about Help;
About learning How, When and Why
*This is not medical advice* 
It is intended reach, encourage & educate everyone effected by Brain Injury

For our Recovery with current science 
and practical suggestions we can try
in our own situations and circumstances 
We don't control it but we influence it
All the time; consciously & unconsciously
We just need to learn how
What we can do to do to assist
and what to avoid doing
that hinders our Recovery

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