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             Thaleia has lived in California for over 30 years and her passion is to spend as much time as possible exploring and painting the landscape; especially the Sierra mountain regions. Her home and studio are uniquely located above 7000 feet, just below crest of the High Sierra Mountains. Whenever possible she packs on foot or horseback into the high country to camp, paint, photograph, fish, collect rocks & explore but she also loves to travel, paint & collect rocks throughout the western states. Thaleia’s paintings have been exhibited all over the country & continues to earn numerous national awards.  She has a comprehensive background in art that includes a degree in art & education, graphic art & a variety of independent studies with numerous well known artists.  Although she is experienced in many different media she currently works almost exclusively with pastel, a dry form of pure pigment (not chalk).  Thaleia’s prefers to paint the landscape but she often depicts a variety of other subjects as well. Much of her art work is produced all or in part on location (en plein air), and she prefers to finish a painting all in one sitting (ala prima), but she also produces larger work from her studio.
             In keeping with her love of the landscape & exploration, Thaleia has been collecting, working & using minerals and gems in recent years. Her major area of art study from high school through college & beyond was jewelry making; both crafting stones & metals of all types. She has recently returned to this pursuit and hopes to be marketing both stones and jewelry soon.

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