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  • Price Range: $295.00 - $1,495.00
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Teunis Schouten is visual artist who picked up painting at the age of 43 when he decided to simply give it a try. He bought an easel, canvas, paint and other supplies and never looked back.
Teunis has no preferred style but loves to glean from other artists’ work, studying their techniques before applying his own perspective. Teunis paints because it enables him to free himself from the day to day demands of life and escape into an artistic world without boundaries. Teunis prefers bold expressive landscapes and abstracts with strong design.
Born in The Netherlands, Teunis moved to Canada in 1998. He holds an Engineering Degree in Industrial Automation. He and his family call Langley B.C. home.
Artist Statement
“Painting offers me a place of solitude and self-reflection that allows my inward perspective to exhibit itself outwardly. My professional life is business focused, structured and disciplined. Art, as I experience it, allows me to break free from the structure and lose myself in experimental blending of colours, light and shapes.
I prefer paintings with strong lines, definitions both in landscapes or abstract. Strong contrast and definition highlight the subject or essence of the subject.
I consider art a life time journey, I don’t expect to ever reach an ‘end state’ where all has been learnt, discovered or created. This is perhaps one of my greatest joys of creating art.”

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