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I try to capture the effect of light and shadow on my subjects and use this to create and invite interpretation of my work. I have been told that my art is something the viewer would...“want to step into”.
As a plein air painter, when the light is just right it can make a scene memorable, and, this is what I try to convey in my paintings. The light can change in an instant, and to capture it at the perfect moment is what I strive for, and to put this on canvas is my goal.


Tess Turner was born in Limassol in the Republic of Cyprus. Having grown up on an island in the Mediterranean with its simple lifestyle and diverse history her attachment to the landscapes and villages became part of her. Although Tess lived many years in the UK, she has returned to Cyprus to claim it as her home and it is only natural that she chooses to make this the subject of many of her pieces. Her art career grew later in her adult life and solidified as she was noticed by Plein air artist Stefan Bauman. Her desire to improve her skills lead her to complete a Foundational Degree in Art and Design at the Private Institute of Fine Arts in Cyprus.
Through much of her career as an artist, Tess has practiced in the style of modern impressionism. The pieces, which she creates, are a snapshot in time where she incorporates light, content, depth, and her own interpretation of the subject. She draws on memories and images from her childhood to help her compose scenes which she hopes the viewer will find timeless. Tess believes her frequent travels to the Pacific Northwest of the US and throughout southern Europe open opportunities for her to expand her work.
In November, 2020 she was given the "Artist of the Future Award" by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.
In July, 2019 Tess was selected as a Semi-Finalist in the ARTBOX.PROJECT Zürich 1.0 during the SWISSARTEXPO.
In 2018 she received two Special Appreciation awards for her work in competitions at the U. S. Embassy in Cyprus.
Tess has received many commissions for her work and is currently represented by Chakra Gallery in Pafos, Cyprus.

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