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Imagination is the key to the popularity of Terry's artwork.  She allows her mind to flow into its recesses and an abundance of creativity is what follows.
Terry was born in 1947 in California and currently resides in the Rea Valley area of Flippin, Arkansas. She has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her major work is in oil paintings. She also works in various other media, including watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, and colored pencil.She uses a style that is flowing and dynamic to help express her spiritual nature. Terry sees paintings as windows into other worlds. She floods the canvas with the essence and richness of those worlds - dreamworlds. Strong composition is a major component of her work.Terry likes to incorporate an air of mystery in her work. In her “Dream Worlds” paintings, so named because so many of her ideas come from her dreams, she allows her brush to flow freely over the canvas in a fluid motion. She believes that all elements of the universe are constantly flowing and changing and has a natural tendency to incorporate this concept into her work.  Her artwork, she believes, comes from deep in her soul.  She delights in bringing it into the light of day by expressing it on canvas.Terry’s philosophy is that people of all cultures can ultimately solve their differences by communication through the arts. The arts show what we are all about, what we feel, and how we see our world. It is a form of communication that transcends time and space.Terry has been in many juried art shows, competitions, galleries, and exhibitions. Her paintings are included in private collections throughout the world. She currently shows and sells from her home and studio.     Her work may also be seen at Judicious Spirits in Mountain Home, Arkansas and First [...]

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