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Color, form, and beauty are all around. I strive to captivate a viewer’s gaze and stimulate an emotional response. I aspire to compel a person to stop and cross a room to take a closer look.
My palette knife and brush paintings are created with energy and emotion as I aim for impression rather than detailed representation. I create enough looseness for the viewer to project their own thoughts and experience onto the surface, but for most shapes to be essentially identifiable. The paintings shown on my website are a collection of waterscapes, landscapes, and street scenes inspired by the lakes, rivers, trees, mountains and small towns of the Adirondack region. I have tried to capture the essence and vastness of the mountain landscape and the kaleidoscopic beauty of the seasons.
I started drawing as a young child and have never stopped. I painted murals on my childhood bedroom walls. I spent my college Saturdays sketching nude figures. I loved drawing in pencil and pen and ink. I sought to create simple, captivating designs with the fewest number of strokes. Inspired by a variety of artists, I began adding washes and watercolor to my pen and ink drawings. 
The intensity, richness, and texture of oil paint has always impressed me and I began studying and practicing palette knife oil painting a few years ago. More recently I incorporated brush work into my paintings.  Oil allows me to express myself in a completely different way compared to the softness and fluidity of watercolor. I continue to develop my own framework for approaching complex subjects and creating dynamic and bold compositions with interest, light, and contrast.
I have studied, and continue to study, under a number and variety of established, award-winning, and inspired artists, including Ann Larsen, Mary Bentz Gilkerson, Rita DiCaprio, Bernard Dellario, Anne Diggory, Russ [...]

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