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I was born just outside of Boston, MA and moved to Central Pennsylvania when I was seven.  Just before we moved, my classroom teacher took a photograph of me with my class and in the background, on the far wall, was a painting of mine.  I still remember it.  A winter scene with children iceskating.  Anytime I had the chance, I would draw or doodle.  No one in my family was interested in art.  However, my parents saw something in me and occasionally enrolled me in an art class.  In high school, I even won a few awards and was asked to design the home economics fashion show program!
As I was approaching High School graduation, I was torn between studying to become a Speech/Language Pathologist or the Fine Arts.  My father persuaded me to take the sensible route: Speech/Language Pathology(SLP).  I was accepted at the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a degree in Communications. A Masters degree followed and I enjoyed working with children and adults with severe communication disabilities for many years. Anytime I had any extra cash I enrolled in a community art class. I met my Irish husband in Philadelphia and we moved to the Netherlands where, once again I took an art class. We then moved to England and during this time I did no art, nothing. For seven years. We adopted two small children and my husband and I decided to move to Ireland to raise our children.

Once we were in Ireland, a local artist was offering art classes in the village hall. I jumped at the opportunity to get back into doing my artwork. We met once a week and the group was composed mostly of housewives and retired pensioners. Under the tutelage of Tadhg O'Scanaill we all flourished. He encouraged us [...]

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