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My name is Terry Crook
I am a ceramic artist specializing in alternative firing techniques
     as well as high fire stoneware and porcelain. I first studied ceramics at Miami University.
 Little did I know that this would lead to a lifelong passion. I have been a workingprofessional potter for over 35 years. I set up my first studio in Lyons , CO in 1979after working in a production pottery for almost 5 years. I now work in North Boulderin a studio in back of my home. My work recently has focused on several alternativefiring techniques including raku, horsehair, pit firing and saggar firing. Theserendipitous nature of these firings models the art we find in our natural world. I am
  intrigued withthese alternative firing techniques which create exciting, unpredictable, one of a kindresults. These alternative firing processes dramatically demonstrate that pottery is afire art. The horsehair firing is fascinating as horsehair is laid on an extremely hot potpulled directly from the hot fire of the kiln. Horsehair is then laid on the piece tocreate stunning line patterns. I love this union of art and nature and trust that you willenjoy it also.

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