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Bozeman, Montana
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My Story:
Influences from My Youth - I believe my passion for art started as early as 5, when I can remember wanting to draw all the time. My favorite thing was to draw the cartoon characters from the Saturday morning TV shows I watched as a child. I loved the expressions of the characters on those fun shows. Both of my parents were very creative and had a toe dipped into the art world, and I believe their own closet dreams of being an artist rubbed off on me. Along the way, I joined in any creative opportunity available and learned many skills, even creating and sewing my own clothes in high school.
As a young adult, I imagined myself working for Disney, but that dream was left behind when I decided I didn’t want to move to Los Angeles, which would have been required at that time. Instead, I took every class, seminar, extension course, and workshop available on evenings and weekends in between the time spent at my job. I love color, and color was a very strong trend of the times, which was during the pop art trends of the 70s. I’m sure much of my style was established during that era. In addition, many of my instructors in the 70s had studied the Golden Age Illustrators, which is a strong influence on my work today.
My memories include many family trips back and forth from Texas to Southern California, and everywhere in between. The textures, patterns, and colors of the southwest are etched into my memories as we explored all of those areas in the family station wagon. Even though I love my home in Montana, I have a special place in my heart for the southwest. The desert, to me, is a place of serene beauty [...]

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