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Artist Statement 
I spent my childhood looking at wide open skies, playing in creek beds, and enjoying the woods' surprises.  A farm girl now living in the city, I am compelled to get out where things are a bit more wild and I can feel the forces of nature the way God created them.  On a good day, my painting is a spiritual experience of the landscape.   I hope to share nature’s light, movement, and color---deeply immersed, absorbed, contemplated---and the joy of that experience.
In 2005, Terri turned to creating art fulltime and paints outdoors on location throughout the U.S.  Some of these plein air paintings are preliminaries she further develops into abstract sculptures and studio work.  Her leadership revitalized Plein Air Austin and gained it nonprofit status during her tenure as president and chairman of the board from 2005 to 2008.  In 2011, she received a residency from the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts in Utah and a yearlong assignment for the Cibolo Nature Center on private hill country conservation land, where she painted the four seasons for the Cibolo biennial. In 2018, she received a two week residency from the Brinton Museum in Big Horn, WY. She has an eye for nuanced, vibrant color, and memorable compositions.
Terri grew up in two worlds.  Her appreciation for nature was heightened by frequent hikes through the fields, woods, meadows, and creeksides surrounding her parents' farm near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Her appreciation for the arts and city life was fostered by trips to the Art Institute of Chicago and the vast collection of public art on display throughout the city.  Terri finished her BFA in Studio Art at Kent State University after two years at Iowa [...]

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