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Stepping into the forest has a way of making you feel right at home and it eases your mind & awakens your senses.  You know the minute you start hiking, you are in for a wonderful treat that day wherever you are.  There’s an awareness when you step into that realm of nature that places your mind, heart and body in a state of bliss and provides mental clarity as well as healing of the soul. The benefits are welcoming, and more exciting this has provided Terri the creative gateway and energy necessary for her to create beautiful paintings from nature that welcome her viewer to the magic of the forest.
Terri’s deep roots in Colorado have provided the inspiration and opportunity necessary to connect with the landscape on a deeper level of appreciation and gratitude.  Terri has spent most of her art journey painting on location in plein air in vast terrains and changing seasons. Painting in differnt changing weather conditions and exposure to wildlife are a challenging part of the plein air process.  However, this self dicipline of direct painting will make you a better painter overall and especially when judging color, light and value & design.  Plein air can also be very beneficial when painting from reference photos in the studio for larger pieces and commissions.
Her paintings have evolved over the last 20 year span of oil painting but one thing seems to be constant is that her paintings always include an ethereal, sensitive quality and most always include light and drama. The intensity of color can add more emotion to a painting too and sometimes a painting can evoke a feeling or a memory of a place a person has visited with a cherished family member. The emotional quality of the work is what is most important here [...]

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