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My goal when painting pet portraits, is to capture their personalities. This, I do, by concentrating on the eyes. The pet owner should be able to look at their pets eyes to see through to their souls!


My interest in painting began as a young girl, but painting was put on hold while I pursued a successful 40 year career in nursing that consumed my time. Immediately upon retirement in 2016, I picked up the brush again and am rekindling my passion with acrylics. Having always been a dog lover, it was no surprise that I painted every dog in the family: my siblings’ dogs, their children’s dogs, my friends’s dogs and so on, realizing not only how much fun pets were to paint but how rewarding it was to witness friends’ joy and range of emotions when presented with the finished painting. My goal in painting pet portraits is to capture their personalities. Dogs of the same breed may look alike but their personalities are unique, as are their eyes and facial expressions. My paintings are displayed at the Westbrook Village Fine Arts Fair annually, where I am an active member. In 2018, my pet piglet painting earned an honorable mention. I was honored when the local Blue Buffalo distributors in Goodyear, Arizona, commissioned me to paint ‘Blue’, the founder’s dog and company mascot. Our summers are spent in the White Mountains of Arizona, where I am a member of the High Country Art Association. In June 2019, I was awarded Artist of the Month and a collection of my work was featured at the High Country Art Gallery in Pinetop. When not painting pets, my time is devoted to my other passions — yoga and hiking with our dogs on any scenic trails my husband and I can find.

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