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ARTIST STATEMENT“Art has always been my ‘second language’ and the background of my world. In its unending variety of style and form, art enriches our experience as humans, in fact makes us human. It is a noble endeavor.  I strive to capture the essence of a person or a scene on paper that would otherwise go unnoticed. When I can point out beauty, a thought, a moment, to someone who would not have been aware of it, I am fulfilled. The search for the mark, the line, the stroke, the moment the piece comes alive, drives me. It is a privilege to share my perspective through drawing and painting.  It is a lifelong challenge and adventure to master my techniques, to be worthy to represent the people I paint.”  ~ Terri Otten
Terri was born in Rossford Ohio, a stone’s throw from the Toledo Museum of Art. She had a passion early on for visual arts, in particular, drawing portraits of family and friends. She won a spot in classes at the TMA in high school and received a BFA with honors in drawing and graphic design at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. BGSU had a strong figure drawing department and it became a lifelong passion.
Her early career was spent as a graphic designer and illustrator in Ohio, West Virginia and Houston, Texas. She turned her focus to fine art. She studied at workshops around the country to master realistic representation but with a fresh, expressive application of paint and line. She has enjoyed the resurgence of realistic figure and portrait painting.
Terri's work has an intangible quality that captures the essence of the person. There is a glimpse of the model’s interior world, an unguarded moment, and a hint at inner thought. She captures something of our common experience along with the [...]

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