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Terri Morse is a contemporary artist whose optimism is seen in her cheerful colors and subjects.  Drawn towards light filled spaces, the clarity of watercolor and fluid acrylics enables her to capture the joy found at home, in the wilderness or while seeing new places. Organic shapes and endless color variations inspire her to share the beauty she sees.
“My dreams have always been full of vivid color.  It is always the first element to grab my attention and speak to my heart.  Cool blues are my favorites but all the hues add their own magic.  Optimism and curiosity guide my search for new wonders waiting around the corner.”
 Her enjoyment of jewel tones and flowers were a constant as she married and moved from Portland, OR to Charlotte, Long Island and West Chester.  Along the way she took drawing classes and created many gardens of her own.  The appeal of drawing merged with an attraction to the transparency of watercolors as workshops, classes and art books encouraged the exploration into both.  Her use of watercolor with a wax resist on rice paper (watercolor batik) and the clay surface of Aquabord, provide a broad range of expression.  Trying new techniques, substrates and mediums gives a new voice to familiar subjects. 
Terri is a signature member of the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and Baltimore Watercolor Society.   Recent group exhibits include the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society's International Juried Exhibition, Baltimore Watercolor Society's Mid- Atlantic Regional Exhibition, Philadelphia Water Color Society International, ACT International Exhibition 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016, Historic Yellow Springs Art Show, the Malvern Retreat House Art show, Notre Dame Art Gala and Chester County Studio Tour.   She is also the 2016 featured artist for Healing Artworks’ project at Nemours Children’s Hospital.  She participates in many national, regional and local juried art shows and enjoys having visitors [...]

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