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The Artist Says:

My inspiration is nature, whether it is a landscape, or a collage in autumn of dried flowers caught at dusk …or a simple gathering of tulips from my garden.  I want to express what excites me about what I am seeing and feeling at the time….and capture that to canvas.
I enjoy everything about paint: the way it feels…the possibilities…colour…texture…line.  Employing acrylics and mixed media....Immersing myself in music, interweaving movement and nature in a spontaneous dance of creation.



Teri Paul is known for her loose, gestural paintings, which often reference the Okanagan landscape she’s so fond of. Paul's painterly arrangements blur the boundary between reality and an imagined reality.  She uses untraditional methods to push and pull the wet paint to suggest vague lines and shadows, which become impressions rather than concrete form. As a result, Paul’s work is becoming more abstracted, allowing her paint to splatter and smear in a much less structured composition. Drawing inspiration from memories of traditional landscapes, the work plays with spaces and light; layering thick paint in a calm, less chromatic approach.

The artist is also known for her unique ceramic work.   Since 1998 Paul has been a full time artist creating both functional and sculptural pieces.  Working in two mediums allows the artist to explore contrasting possibilities and Paul enjoys being able to push limits in all directions. 

An avid hiker and nature lover Paul is inspired by other artists who can capture and communicate their personal and creative response to our beautiful earth.  

                               Born  1961 Lethbridge, Alta.                               Resides in Kelowna, B.C.                              EXHIBITIONS                              - 2018 Odin Gallery/Predator Ridge/ Joint Exhibition                              - 2018 Summer Exhibition/Odin Gallery                               - 2017 Odin Gallery Fall / Joint Exhibition                               - 2017 [...]

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