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Inspired by local scenes, colorful memories, and vintage gas stations, Teri Jo McReynolds has enjoyed a twenty five year career as a professional artist and teacher. She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing, as well as a Masters in Art Education. Her teaching career has contributed to her desire to explore new media applications, however she consistently returns to her first love - Oil painting. “I have always enjoyed the tactile qualities of working with clay, then I discovered painting and color, and now I incorporate the unique color qualities of light and dark combined with texture in my paintings.”
Artist Statement
I have enjoyed a 30 year career as an professional artist and art teacher. My degree is in painting and drawing, but my teaching assignments exposed myself and my students to wide varieties of media: clay, batik, paper making, mosaics and of course painting and drawing. I enjoy the tactile qualities of fine crafts, but I always go back to color. I found that I can have deep texture as well as brilliant colors in oil painting. 
So many artists have touched me, past and present, but I have always been drawn to the French Impressionists, with their emphasis on the effects of light and shadow on color. I have benefited from studying with artists practicing the techniques of the Russian Impressionists.  Color can be seductive, I force myself to see and express form, always experimenting with “what can be left out”.
I love a variety of subjects, from still-life, to landscapes, to portraits. I’m fond of painting old buildings, gas stations, and Texas landscapes. I enjoy listening to patron’s stories of “the good old days”, of a simpler life, where the car was king, and road trips produced family memories. I spend a lot of [...]

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