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"Teresa Vito's paintings reflect the beauty she sees all around her.   She loves painting living energy, whether it is the outdoor landscape, berries and flowers picked for a still life, or the unending variety of the human face." 

Vito has been a full time oil painter since 1992. 
She currently lives in Pueblo, Colorado. Vito has won numerous national and regional awards including an Award of Excellence, Best Portrait and Best Still Life Awards from Oil Painters of America. She also received the Best of Show award from the Artists of Colorado Exhibition held at the Colorado History Museum.
Teresa Vito grew up in a one store town in upstate New York.  She had never met an artist or had gone to an art gallery until she went to college.  She chose to major in art because she loved to draw.  College offered no clue as to how to become an artist so she decided to try to figure it out on her own.  With $250 and a train ticket to Denver (she had never been west of Ohio) carrying a suitcase, a purse and a portfolio of nude drawings, Vito began her artistic journey.  During her twenties she did every job she could find that was art related. Vito worked in a frame shop and gallery, at art supply stores, made posters and newspaper advertisements and created display windows in downtown Denver. The year the Art Students League in Denver opened , she maneuvered an job there running a small art supply store.   It was here she found out about the world of Artists Workshops.  Vito learned as much as she could looking through the door of the many classes taught by master artists, who were in fact making a living with their art.  With this inspiration Vito saved up enough money in 1992 to live cheaply for a year and become a full time artist.  She has [...]

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