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 Having lost sight in one eye after a battle with ocular melanoma, I've never lost my intense gratitude for life or the precious gift of sight.
                           I love to see... painting has helped me to see intensely.

Other Artists Say:

"Teresa, Your paintings have such a kindness, a sweet spirit resides in them. " Liana Bennet ~ Painter, Instructor & Owner of Art's Umbrella.  


I am happy to be a  lifelong resident of Washington State. I love Edmonds where I live with my husband Rob. I'll never tire of the saltwater or the sound of seagulls, ferries and trains.  I work from a cozy studio in our Edmonds home...code word for tiny! 
I began painting in watercolor when I was 50, under the mentoring of an artist friend Denise Cole; then part owner of a  studio gallery.  You know, it's never too late to learn something new! Denise took me under her wing and gave me a great foundation. A few years later, she invited me to show work at the soon to open Cole Gallery located in Edmonds. It was she who encouraged me to try oil painting and  it has become my primary focus.  
 As a new watercolor artist, I was inspired by everyday objects like my grandfather's vintage restaurant-ware mug; solid, heavy and stained from countless cups of coffee. It has been included more than once in my still life pieces.  As an oil painter, I initially followed my love of the classic still life but now explore a wide variety of subject matter from portraits to landscapes, as well as classic still life compositions. I have always been drawn to realism which is reflected in my representational style.
When I first began to paint, my challenge was not a lack of inspiration, but a visual one.  At he age of 29, I lost the sight in my left eye after a battle with ocular melanoma. I will always be thankful for the experimental treatment offered in 1982. It saved my life at the cost of my vision, a small price to pay. The loss of depth perception is challenging in many ways and makes hours in front of a canvas visually exhausting.  However it has been said that when we suffer the loss of one of our senses we become more sensitive in others. I found this to be true.  Although it's been many years since my battle with ocular melanoma, I've never lost my intense gratitude for life, and the precious gift of sight.
                           I love to see... [...]

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