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Statement of Art
My art has a few parts:
"My paintings are an attempt to show appreciation for the unfathomable beauty and sanctity of life which surrounds us and gives joy to my life. The changing movement and harmony I see as the most beautiful of the natural world. It is a life long challenge to which I am grateful to recognize and moreover trying to re-create this universe as well as I'm able. The 2nd is about opposites and critical thinking skills. My goal is to discover  the opposites within the painting and create their complements so "the Yin and Yangs” will complete each other allowing the viewer a sense of imagination, spirit and wholeness"
 “I believe painting allows me an opportunity to express my heart fully and without reservation for the love I feel in life and living as well as my gratitude and blessings I receive in the simple pleasure of existing as a human being. And perhaps for me my painting is a form of redemption. A payment for the things I’ve  done in my life. So whereas they have great meaning for me, they are also a pre-payment to balance the scales of my life: the good, the bad and the ugly and by creating their grace thru my efforts I can equilibrate and finish my Art on this earth with a sense of forgiveness, appreciation and self worth. 

Artist Biography
I am Teresa Maureen Shea
i am a self taught oil painter. I was not diagnosed with ADD because when I was young (1946), there was no such category. Hyperactive, impetuous and compulsive behavior had little influence on medical intervention and social thinking in those days
in my late 20’s I was fortunate to find the notion of learning the use of my left hand
as I was spending my hours on fiction writing in the hopes [...]

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