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The Artist Says:

"As far as the natural world is concerned, I find beauty in everything, from tiny pebbles to mountains beyond."


I am an avid artist, naturally I love to explore all things whimsical and curious about everyday people and our natural world. Over the last two decades, I have been living sort of hybrid life of being an artist and working in the tech field. Symbiotically, supporting both my creative passion and fulfilling a lifestyle of worker bee. My work is a transformation of harmony that is found in nature, places and things that has touched my soul and ended up on my canvases. Inspired by beauty of simplicity, comfort and randomness that is nature. Explosion of colors, shapes and flow of potential subjects always keep me going back to the drawing board to transform a blank canvas into a reflection of what has inspired me. Such an experience encapsulates what a visual artist does and lives for. My work has generally been fixed on subjects that are landscapes and I don't think it will change for as long as I can hold a brush. I have also experimented with other subjects such as architectures specifically with Asian motifs. I work mainly with oil medium and have been for nearly twenty years. The medium oil has largely been assumed by many as being sort of a stubborn medium to work with. On the contrary, I have grown to love it. Yet one can't be too obsessed and detailed with things such that it consumes the inspiration.

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