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Telagio Baptista is a recent transplant to Omaha, Nebraska. Born and raised in California, he has lived in Northern California since 1985. For twenty years prior to that he owned and operated a graphic design studio in Hawaii. It was during this time that he toured the South Pacific as a golf pro, teaching private golf lessons as time permitted. However, throughout the years and despite the joys and rewards of his various careers, there remained his passion for the arts.  
Telagio’s interest in the arts began when his parents bought him a toy violin. When they saw he would not put it down, they enrolled him in private violin lessons. During his teen years, Telagio gave private concerts up and down the Northern California coast and performed, as well, as a member of a string quartet. By the age of 17, he was a concertmaster of a junior symphony. 
While developing his love of music, Telagio also developed a love for the visual arts. His high school paintings won national awards and he was awarded a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute. Telagio finished his education by earning a BFA from the California College of Arts and Crafts. 
Telagio Baptista is a portrait, figurative and cityscape artist using various atmospheric painting techniques. He frequently utilizes negative space so as to give his images room to “breathe” as well as to express a specific feeling or mood. His paintings have won international art competitions in addition to awards received both regionally and nationally. 
Telagio works solely with watercolor. He uses a limited palette, valuing simplicity and restful space. In his view, watercolor is magical, an exotic medium that has no boundaries. His images vary from the fully realistic to the somewhat more abstract, allowing the viewer to relate directly to what is portrayed and emotionally to what is suggested. [...]

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