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Tatiana Yanovskaya-Sink was born in Ukraine. The only child of working class parents, Tatiana was raised in a Soviet-style “doma” in Ukraine 's largest industrial city just 550 miles south of Moscow. Throughout her school years she was exposed to the paintings of the greatest Russian and Ukrainian traditional artists.    Although well cared for, Tatiana was a lonely child and relied on a  vivid imagination to occupy and express her creativity through ballet dancing (Nut Cracker) and play acting in school and local theatre events. Unable to afford a piano Tatiana was discouraged from pursuing her first inclination toward the arts – music. In primary and secondary school she was, however, able  to take basic courses in drawing and design in the local art schools and art  associations.  At the insistence of  her parents, Tatiana earned her BS degree in mechanical engineering with the later obtained an advanced degree as Patent Agent from Moscow Patent & Trademark Office. While working in the intellectual property field, she took art  classes at the Kharkov Academy of Art (formerly the Institute of Industrial Art  and Design) where she made friends with many talented artists with whom she studied and stays in-touch until present. In 1990, after the breakup of the  Soviet Union, Tatiana immigrated to the United States, found employment in Boston law offices as a patent paralegal. Throughout this period Art remained  Tatiana's first love and she continues to paint, study with the most prominent  contemporary artists in America and participates in the shows with the various local artists. Currently she has her studio located in Rockland, 83 E.Water Street. She is a member of Putney Painters Group which paints with the great masters Richard Schmid and Nancy  Guzik.   Tatiana's love of Russian Traditional Paintings is everlasting. A special place in her heart [...]

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