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Working in acrylic, oil and mixed media, painter Tatiana Davidov achieves rich textures throughout her oeuvre. Inspired by her life experiences, Davidovís subject matter offers viewers recognazible scenes as if seen through the prism of dreams. Evocative of the emotional, the artist endeavours to achieve a fusion of dreams and reality, while blending in a "touch of magic". Employing an innovative technique, Davidov sculpts the backgrounds of her works out of acrylic or oil paints and sugar. The three dimensional effects developed by her signature method cultivate a distinctive style, drawing viewers into a world that exists within a liminal realm, somewhere between the waking and subconscious spheres. Visions of the natural world or city streets beckon our attention, calling viewers to be moved and affected by this rare and inspiring perspective.
Tatiana Davidov obtained her BFA, MDA degree in Chishinau, Republic of Moldova. She now lives in Calgary, Canada where she continues expressing her artistic vision.
Tatiana had several international art exhibitions in NYC USA, Florence Italy, Chishinau Moldova, Calgary AB at Alberta Jubilee Auditorium. You can often find her work at local coffee shops, restaurants and offices in Calgary. [...]

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