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Tanya Isaacson is an American artist, native to New England, whose career has spanned over 30 years in graphic design, animation and illustration and a lifetime in fine art. She moved to Boston, MA in the 80's where she received her BFA, in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her career began as a freelance editorial Illustrator for various magazines and publications and within two years she began creating high end digital illustration for computer gaming and entertainment software companies. Tanya’s highly representational style of work, pioneered the creative industry standard for digital gaming graphics. Thousands of her digital illustrations on assignments gained recognition in numerous gaming magazines and publications.
In the 90's she founded a company, "Kinetic Arts", a modest art studio comprised of 10 artists dedicated to creating high caliber digital illustration and animation for game developers and publishing companies, some of whom grew into some of the most prominent corporations of the time (i.e., Electronic Arts, Legend Entertainment, The Learning Company to name just a few). After 15 years in gaming graphics, Tanya transitioned into award winning website and UI design, and from there created graphics/animation for eLearning, events, presentation design, and print media. 
While Tanya enjoyed (and continues to enjoy, only in a lesser capacity) the graphics work and corporate clients, it lacked a certain level of fulfillment. She had devoted all of her time and creative energy to the last 30 years of her graphics business as well as raising her 3 children, maintaining a home, family, and all of the standard responsibilities of a day-to-day life in the suburbs and just, well... living.  So, in 2016, Tanya reconnected with her lifetime passion of fine art and made the decision to give more, if not all, of her time and attention to the pursuit of painting. [...]

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