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Tanja Skytte is a Danish born International Fine Artist who currently lives in Harare, Zimbabwe. Her textured, abstract paintings combine the streamlined aesthetics of Scandinavian design with a love of nature. Inspired by her travels-particularly by the landscape of Africa, where she has lived for most of her adult life-Skytte approaches each work of art as a process, experimenting with and honing various techniques until she achieves just the right character and tone in each piece. Skytte is primarily attracted to abstract art because she feels it frees her up creatively, allowing her to explore different materials and mediums and work without a predetermined end point in mind. She thinks of her artistic process as an expedition, a journey where she learns and grows as an artist with every painting.
Skytte is a native of Denmark, but travelled extensively as a child and an adult through her job with the United Nations and through private business. She has lived in Denmark, Spain, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe. Above all, Skytte wants her paintings to be harmonious and balanced, bestowing a decorative and emotional resonance that elevates the atmosphere of any space.
Artist statement:
"My paintings explore abstraction. It is a form of painting where I feel Ďin loose reignsí. I find creating abstract works a very liberating experience, as I do not have to reach a specific pre-determined result. It makes the process more adventurous for me. I think my background in travelling and exploring plays a major role in my interest in a style as fluid as abstraction.
I love to experiment with different techniques. Itís an expedition, where coincidence sometimes plays the main part. My compositions sometimes all merge into a harmonious balance and other times the elements stand contrasting and complimenting each other. I love the process regardless."
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