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Painting is not an option for Tanis. It is a persistent calling, drawing her to her studio every afternoon. Her minds’ eye is receptive and alert to the nuances of light and shadow allowing her to capture, transform and interpret what she sees into unique, delightful paintings. A particular love is to paint flowers revealing the delicate colors and shapes that make each flower remarkable. Her paintings of flowers take us into a world where we stop, appreciating their complexity.
When Tanis turns her attention away from flowers and toward the sites and scenes from her travels, a whole new world opens up. Now we are transported to the places in Europe with its picturesque buildings and streets dancing with sunlight and shadows. She brings the same sensibilities to these paintings that she brings to her paintings of flowers.
Tanis is a versatile, engaging artist capable of transforming the everyday into the exceptional. Her colorful and compelling paintings vary in size and style, yet they all maintain an intimacy with the subject matter that intrigues and makes a lasting impression in our mind’s eye.
2002, 2001 and 2000 For 3 consecutive years, Tanis Bula was sponsored in one artist shows to present her paintings to the people of Japan. She was invited each year to travel to Japan and at each show to personally sign her paintings.
2004 Signature Member of the Rocky Mountain National Watercolor Society 2002 Winter issue of the national magazine WATERCOLOR featured Tanis’s work and paintings.
2000 Landscape painting selected for the Colorado Republicans Poster 1998 Holiday painting selected for the Gateway Battered Women’s Shelter Holiday Card 1997 Winter scene of CableLabs, Boulder, Colorado commissioned for the corporate holiday card 1996 Floral Paintings commissioned for use in corporate brochure [...]

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