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The artist states, “I presently draw great inspiration from the Golden Age of American Plains Indians, when cultural prosperity became possible due to the abundance of two glorious animals: the horse and the buffalo. American Indian tribe cultures and traditions are a significant part of American heritage and history: past, present, and future. The more time and effort one spends learning about it, the deeper appreciation one develops for their spiritual and cultural beliefs that emphasize personal wisdom and respect for nature. Whether it is a highly charged battle, a quiet personal prayer, or routine camp chores, I strive to capture passions and fleeting emotions of the moment: the intensity of battle rage or hunting pursuit, the depth of spiritual prayer, the tenderness of compassionate support, the warmth of a loving gaze, or the high alert of anticipation. I am continuing to learn about tribal traditions of the period: mysterious yet spiritual dance and chant rituals for every occasion of life; swift buffalo hunting and horse raiding trips showing amazing marksmanship and survival skills; glorious attire adorned by exquisite quill, feather, or bead work; tribal life focused upon personal achievement- yet for the sake of common tribal prosperity; and overall colorful American Indian life close to nature amongst the vast beauty of the American western landscape".


Tania A. Ochoa was compelled towards the visual arts even as a young child, while illustrating teaching  materials for her mother who was an elementary school teacher.  Growing up in Ukraine she has always felt fascination with the tales of the American West.  
In 1999, with a degree in economics from Russia, she moved to Texas, US where she embraced new possibilities for artistic development and pursuing an affinity with the history of the American West and the American Indian cultures.  She initially started painting in oil incorporating the realistic painting style and technique of the contemporary master Daniel E. Green.  That style eventually evolved with other influences and experimentation.  She dedicated considerable effort to understanding the Burne Hogarth method for creating dynamic figure anatomy from imagination that proved indispensable in its ability to express aspects of her vivid imagination.  She spent more than a decade learning the basics of drawing, values, design, composition, and oil application on canvas by studying old and contemporary American and European masters of portraiture, figurative works, still life, and landscapes.  These experiences provided invaluable lessons in deciding upon an artistic specialization.  
In parallel with her artistic development she pursued her fascination with the colorful history of the American West and the mysterious cultures of the American Plains Indian tribes.  Her imagination was completely captured by hunting, battle, and pursuit scenes of old western masters such as Charles Russell and Frederic Remington, as well as  Plains Indians narrative stories of the contemporary master Howard Terpning, and western action scenes of the contemporary master Andy Thomas.  “After a decade of studying painting fundamentals, when in 2012 a decision was finally made regarding: what I want to portray in my art, what inspires and motivates me to paint, and what I want to focus on; the answer was [...]

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