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Tam Bodkin Bryk - Iowa City, Iowa
I grew up in large Irish family just outside of Buffalo, New York.
I do not come from a family of artists yet I spent much of childhood lost in books and in art.
I studied classical realist oil painting from the age of 9 until age 15 under noted realist Ramona Simonovich.   As my first art teacher "Mrs. Simonovich" taught me to paint and painting has captivated me ever since.
As an adult I studied with three outstanding realist oil painters, Mary Ann Waligur, Constanin Chatov and Marc Chatov.  I will be forever grateful to all of my teachers. I hear their voices as I work and believe they guide my hand every day in my studio.
I've traveled  and studied in the States, Canada and Europe and lived in New York, Atlanta and San Francisco before settling in Iowa City. My husband Mitch and I live in a lovely old home in town and my studio is attached. 
Our two sons Alex and Max now live far from Iowa City but return home often. Iowa City is a wonderful place to call home. 
My work has always been realistic but these past few years I have been exploring photorealism and hyper-realism. My canvases have gotten larger and my subject matter has also grown in scale. I have always been fascinated by how light and reflections play off each other on even the simplest objects.
I paint nearly every day and watch the seasons roll by through my studio windows.
I am still losing myself in books and in art.
Thank you for your interest in my work ~
Professional Organizations:*Iowa Cultural Coalition              www.iowaculturalcoalition.org/  
 *International Guild                     www.realismguild.com/  of Realism                                    *Oil Painters of America              www.oilpaintersofamerica.com/*National Oil and                        www.noaps.org/ Acrylic Painters' Society  (NAOPS)*Allied Artists of America            www.alliedartistsofamerica.org/*Iowa Artist Directory               http://roster.iowaartscouncil.org/*Midwest Art History Society       http://www.mahsonline.org/

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