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Artist Statement--- I am an artist who expresses the WET and WILD experiences of nature in watermedia.
I am inspired by nature, wildlife and the beauty that surrounds us.  When I paint, I seek to capture the personality and quirkiness of my animals starting with their eyes. The eyes resonate with my core and when I can bring them to life, I feel I have created a new magical creature.  Adding a splash of wild color makes everything a bit more beautiful and gives life to these wondrous creatures.
Painting with watercolors, acrylics or gouache allows me the freedom to express myself where my intuition guides me on any given day.
After working in corporate sales for 30 years, Tammy had time to express her passion for watermedia. Initially she was a self-taught artist with an inherited talent from her father, who was a dedicated landscape artist. Tammy developed her own style.  A resident of Fort Lauderdale, Tammy’s art reflects her environment with its incredible range of rich and sun-drenched colors and abundant wildlife.
Tammy’s prize-winning paintings are inspired by the local nature around her as well as her travels to the U.S. National Parks and abroad. She often paints using photos from her travels and will have a camera close by to capture her next subject.
Personal dedication to environmental conservation led Tammy to initially paint turtles as a major subject matter. This choice was due to their plight for survival. Tammy became known as the “Turtle Lady”!  Her fascination and love of wildlife has expanded to painting the colorful birds of Florida and majestic animals of Africa.

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