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The hints of my future as a fine artist were first ignited while watching my mother paint in Israel, the country of my birth. I have been drawing, creating, singing and playing music for as long as I can remember. This flame fueled by passionate mentors and dedicated painters has now become impossible to extinguish.I don't believe in talent. I worked hard and long to develop my drawing and painting ability. It took many years for me to show any sort of gift or skill in drawing. I took any and all classes my circumstances allowed. I learned and used new technology to its full advantage in order to learn. My talent has always been my enthusiasm and determination. After almost 20 years of a rewarding career in commercial art and graphic design, I could no longer contain my intense desire to paint. I created my first painting on my children's easel using department store acrylics. Workshops with masters Shuqiao Zhou, Daniel Gerhartz, Carolyn Anderson, and Larry Seiler cemented my love of working with oils and working from life. My former home in Alaska provided an inspiring backdrop. New painting friends made for a tremendous support group which eventually cultivated my co-founding of Painted Ladies, Inc. Painting is my pursuit of truth and human connectedness. Portraits and figures have remained my first love. Yet in exploring landscapes, florals, and still lifes I have found a new voice for my expression. When I create a painting, my primary goal is to emote a passion for beauty, which can only be conveyed through a strong and distinct quality of light. I paint and sketch from life whenever possible. Whether in plein air (painting in open air) or working with live models I always prefer to experience my subject first hand. Being a colorist [...]

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