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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.taksalmastyan.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $25.00 - $775.00
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Dr. Tak Salmastyan, was born in the mountainous Lori province of Armenia during the Soviet period and was named after his grandfather Takvor. The name means "The King." This is how Tak explains the origins of his name. "Takvor" is a very ancient and traditional Armenian name, perhaps last used, prior to my grandfather, in the 7th century. Because of its antiquity, my mother told me she was afraid that when I became a young man I would hate my first name. But throughout my youth, as it happens still to this day, my friends greet me with the sentence "Long Live the King!" Is there anyone in the world who could dislike a name like that? Several years ago, one of my friends and collector, looking to some of my work said: “You are a true master and a non-compromising spiritual hooligan.”  I was very much pleased, and few years later in my first book “Window to Freedom Tak Salmastyan Paintings” I officially declared myself the King of Spiritual Hooligans.  
I am also very passionate and very much enjoy teaching and consider my students as my investments for the society. I believe that a great teacher gives the same energy, love, and passion to teaching them even if they have different cultural backgrounds, skills and personalities. For me, the ultimate reward of being a teacher is when I inspire my students to be good and to do the best they can in all aspects of their life. 
My students once wrote the following about me in their college newspaper: “People are easily inspired by this talented professor. His effect on the school is positive and inspirational. The best compliment Tak has ever received was when a fellow professor said to him, “Tak, your reputation precedes you – all students want to [...]

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