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The aim is to see…
That which others don’t notice
Reveal it to them
I believe in taking the strong ideas behind a conceptual piece and assigning them a visual ideogram that acts as a key for understanding the concept. I feel that art should have a specific statement to make that is larger than the visual elements but that which can also be distilled down to a tangible symbol.
Governments know this and it's called propaganda.
Churches know this and it's called religion.
Corporations know this and it's called advertising.
Artists know this and it's called Truth.
The visual physical world is connected in subtle ways that can be easily overlooked. I am interested in the underlying associations formed by the repetition of shapes and lines from not only material forms but also those of transient matter such as shadows and reflections operating on the same visual plane in a realistic abstraction. My chief goal is in the formal elements of line, form, and color and the melding of these into patterns of abstraction within heightened reality.
The imagery in my work may appear to be surrealistic but it is derived solely from elements actually experienced in a conscious visual state rather than the emphasis placed on the subconscious and automatism that surrealism was founded on. While I am influenced by surrealist juxtapositions, I consider myself a Patternist primarily interested in the affinities of emerging connections when taken as a whole. Patternism is reality viewed as a wave rather than a particle. I believe that there is infinitely much more to conscious waking reality and my goal is to show glimpses of the structure behind that reality.
Picasso, for Commanding me to the border.
Dali, for Revealing there is no border.
Kandinsky, for Pointing me to Line and Plane.
Tarkovsky, for Directing me to transcend.
af Klint, for [...]

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