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The artist’s artwork is derived from the natural beauty of the environment.  It spans the mixed-media spectrum, from sculpting, dimensional weaving and contemporary light fixtures to painting in encaustic and cold wax-and-oil.  Monette says “Nature is my muse.  Otherworldly landscapes are everywhere: a rain puddle, the forest floor, banks of a tumbling creek, storm clouds in motion, rock faces on a cliff.  Through these muses come the expressionistic seeds of my painting inspirations.  In the creative process, those inspirations take on a life of their own.  Transforming visions into artworks is my passion.  Creating and sharing these artworks gives me great joy”.

T.A. Monette grew up in the wide open space of the western United States, graced with monumental buttes and mesas. As a youth, the artist accompanied a beloved Great Uncle, a lapidary, on sojourns to his secret hunting grounds excavating geodes, jade, agates and fossils. The artist’s love of geology is often expressed in the abstracted expressive artworks. With an appetite for the unknown, an artist's curiosity has been the motivator for travels and explorations throughout the U.S. and Europe. Living in the Netherlands and studying art for seven years altered the artistic path of this prolific artist.  Now residing on the east coast of the USA the path through and inspired by nature continues.

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