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Sydney Thomas holds a Baccalaureate degree in Art and a Masters degree and Ph.D. in Philosophy, and taught both art and philosophy over a period of thirty years.  In 1998, she retired from teaching to paint full time.  Freed from the demands of preparing lectures and grading student papers, she devotes her days to painting the people, the objects and the landscapes that "sing" for her.  Like many painters, she is smitten by the play of light on surfaces, and works to capture its magic in her paintings.  Her travels have taken her to Europe, Israel, Southeast Asia and Africa and, frequently, to the Maine seacoast; her works capture moments as varied as her travels.

Sydney often studies the paintings of the artists whose books of works fill her studio library.  She particularly admires the poetic visions of Corot and Innes, the light of Vermeer and Hopper, the atmosphere of Chardin, the commanding form of Velasquez and Manet, and pursues these ideals in all her painting.  Her work has appeared in a variety of venues in New Hampshire, Maine and Connecticut  -- in portrait shows,  one-person and group exhibitions, galleries. [...]

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