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Suzy Moritz-Rawdin is a Native Texas Artist, whose interest in art started at an early age, when she began to see the world in shapes of light and shadow.  Her impressionistic paintings have evolved by putting the dynamic, dramatic elements on canvas of those reflections, capturing the mood of the spirit.
Suzy is now well known for her lively pet portraits, architectural renderings and paintings, wall murals and representational landscapes , all of which can be found in many homes and businesses throughout the United States.  Suzy travels to New Mexico every summer for an extended stay and returns as often as she can throughout the year to soak up the romance and picturesque painting subjects.  She has mastered the art of painting the dazzling effects of New Mexico's light and its corresponding shadows from the spectacular and inspiring landscapes of Georgia O'Keeffe Country to the magical town of Taos and its surrounding vistas and magnificent sunsets.  Her passion comes from touching, feeling and being in the midst of the art at the very moment of its conception.  

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