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I’m a storyteller, I strive to tell those stories that most intrigue me, through my paintings. The stories of our collective American history. Barns & Farms, ranches and cattle moments of quiet reverie. Early American scenes that remind us of our roots and our ancestors. What does a scene tell us about the people who gathered, lived loved and left their mark even if just in the most paltry way.  Most days I can be found painting in my studio, but I also love to paint on location (en plein air), Plein air painting is the best way I’ve found to become a better painter. Painting on location compels the artist to become more accurate in values & color, as well as atmospheric perspective, the great outdoors also commands total attention despite distraction, be it curious passerby's to vexatious giant bugs! Staying focused and making expeditious decisions is imperative in catching the sun and capturing the subject.
When I first started painting, I was often asked why I paint old buildings and weathered barns. And I believe its a reasonably simple answer. These structures are the windows into the past. through them we can conceptualize an entire life that may have passed through those doors. Tomorrow is never promised, its a gift, and an honor to be able to capture what may not be there tomorrow.
Feel free to email me with comments or questions. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.
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