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  Most artist begin their artist statement with a story about the exceptional young age when they began to paint. My twin brother and I, at a tender young age of two managed to open a cupboard in the kitchen where my grandmother stored a big bowl of eggs. With a quick hand and a strong stoke we smashed the eggs on the floor and proceeded to slip and slide, draw pictures on the vast linoleum canvas and giggle. The giggling lasted for a very short time, that is until we were discovered. Perhaps this could be considered the beginnings of my artist endeavors?. I have yet  to try egg tempura. But the idea is still there lurking in my memory....  TRAINING:   After drawing and studio classes at the University of Maine with Mike Lewis and the late Vincent Hartgen, marriage and children put things on hold. But, as the family became more independent, I went back to school at Eastern Maine Community College 1980-'82 to learn Architectural Drafting. Following that I worked for Carpenter Associates in Orono, Maine where I drew plans for all aspects of home building - from the house itself to commercial heating schematics. I enjoyed the work and it fulfilled the need to create - but I knew eventually I wanted to do more.  My sister Liz got me back into the art world. She suggested that I attend an art class that she had been taking at the Hammond Street Senior Center in Bangor. The instructor, Kathy Clegg, with her love and passion for all things artistic, and her oil painting skills, re-ignited my desire to create. During the last few years, I expanded into Pastel and have taken classes with Linda Packard  at the Hammond Street Senior Center  and with Cheri Dunnigan, [...]

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