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  Suzanne Morris uses broken color and expressive brushwork to convey her impressions of a subject. She does not try to tell the whole story… just enough to say what is important to her allowing viewers to “finish” the piece for themselves; thereby making each painting more personal to the viewer. She is fascinated by the play of light and shadow.  It is the effect light has on a subject that draws her to it. The patterns created by light falling across a subject can transform an ordinary scene into an extraordinary one. It is the magic she feels when she comes across one of these scenes that she tries to capture on her canvases. This is accomplished by adherence to light and shadow patterns, the use of vivid, descriptive color, and bold expressive brushwork.  If she does everything just right, she is able to share a piece of that magic with those who view her work.
Morris studied biology and pre- med in college at Longwood University and Mary Washington University. Her art education is through master workshops with some of the best plein air painters in the country, including Kevin Macpherson, Scott Christensen, Roger Dale Brown, Bill Davidson, Larry Moore and others.
     Sue is an avid plein air painter. She loves painting outdoors from life. There is SO much information in the field… a painter is forced to simplify and organize a design in order to tell the story. Light moves very quickly outdoors so one must “lay it down and leave it”. There is no time to overwork a piece.  All of a painter’s senses are used to infuse the work with a feeling of the place…. the smells, the sounds, the wind, even the people a painter encounters become part of a plein air painting. Mother nature creates [...]

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