Artist Suzanne D'Arcy

An example of fine art by Suzanne D'Arcy

Photo of Suzanne D'Arcy


California born native, Suzanne D’Arcy was raised both in her parents’ suburban home and on her grandmother’s Gold Country farm. The two very different environments, suburban and agricultural life, have piqued her interests in a variety of painting genres, from domestic farm animals, agricultural lands and people, farms and ranches, small towns, young men (and women) with racing cars, environments inside and outside buildings, to city skylines. She has been interested for years in the communication and working relationships between man and animal.

 “I love the inherent power and rhythm of average life. The subject matter can be very ordinary; it is the magic of the place and the color, atmosphere, play of light and dark, and the textural physicality of oil paint that can make paintings extraordinary. I work from life, as often as I can. The interpretation of mood, atmosphere, and light plays a dominant place in making a painted canvas sing. I am very curious in the living relationships between humanity, animal and the land.”

 Suzanne has two Bachelor Degrees in Art History/Art Studio from U.C. Davis and one ABA from the Academy of Art University in Illustration, where she has been teaching fine art painting online and onsite since 2009. She has won numerous awards, is a guest lecturer/demonstrator/judge for various art leagues, enjoys painting competitions and loves to travel, participating in painting workshops in Italy, Austria, France, Cuba, and the Netherlands.