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Castle Gallery     260-426-6568
1202 West Wayne Street
Fort Wayne, Indiana. 46802
Black Dog Books.    317-733-1747
115 South Main Street
Zionsville, Indiana  46077
Rachles Fine Art & Studio     317-691-0560
160 East Willow Street
Zionsville, Indiana  46077
A little bit about me…
I am an oil painter based in the Midwest. My ambition is to try and capture the fleeting moments in life using this medium as an opportunity to see the world with a more interesting and colorful perspective. To stay present and aware by seeing the extraordinary in the mundane and challenging the insignificant versus the significant. Just as my subjects and use of pigment are ever-evolving, so is the reason to create something in the first place. The further I explore, the clearer it’s become… to remain aware. To see the things I might have missed, to preserve and remember the moments that will never return, and to encourage others to do the same. This is why I work in series… you tend to uncover more and more about your subject and yourself as the works evolves. The quiet, the chaotic the unremarkable, the extraordinary, the wonderment of nature, the day to day moments… all of this is life and all of it is significant. It is learning to see all over again. I view myself as a perpetual student. 

Susie Rachles is a Midwest artist whose passion for life and art is vividly seen in her colorful canvases. Her work is recognized for it’s expressive brushwork and use of color.
Rachles grew up in rural northwest Indiana. From a very early age she was aware of a desire to draw and paint. She received a BA from Purdue University in Architectural Engineering and Design. After graduation she started her own design firm working in commercial design and space planning. The time spent in design is evident in [...]

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