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Art has always played a significant role in Susie Drucker’s life. As a young girl growing up near Lake Michigan in northern Illinois, Susie developed an early admiration for the beaches, ravines, and winding park paths that she explored near her home. It’s this love of nature that has informed her work, serving as both inspiration and ideation as Susie has developed from photographer to sketch artist to painter.
Susie’s art training started in earnest in high school. Encouraged by the innate joy she found in turning natural beauty into something tangible, Susie explored a variety of mediums, including jewelry-making, ceramics, and fashion design. She went on to study fashion at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and continued her versatile art studies through workshops and local art programs. And while she is primarily a visual artist, Susie has also parlayed her passion for artistic expression into dance, creating shapes and interpreting emotions and music through movement.
It was upon moving to Evergreen, Colorado with her husband, Steve, in 2014 that Susie began to paint full-time. Living in Colorado had been a dream of Susie’s ever since her first view of the mountains during a childhood trip to Estes Park, which was followed a few years later by a trip through the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. There, mesmerized by the jewel-like colors of geysers and the stunning, sheer mountainsides, Susie knew that her home—and her art—were meant to be out west.
Today, Susie continues to draw inspiration from the natural beauty around her, and she enjoys capturing the visual drama of the shadows, light, unusual shapes, and unexpected colors that define the Colorado landscape. And just as her early art was motivated by an awe of nature, she still believes that her best paintings are the ones that encapsulate what she feels just as [...]

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